Food Is Love — Meet Joe, Chef at Angler’s Cove Restaurant – Port of the Islands

Joe D’Esposito has joined the Angler’s Cove Restaurant team and brings with him a passion for cooking, a family history of great cooks, and a love of food.

This introduction of Joe is inspired by my dinner experience on March 18 at Angler’s Cove. My husband and I ordered Joe’s special last night, Cider Brined Pork Chop w/Bacon Glaze and Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes. The meal was full of flavor right down to the rosemary garnish, and the presentation was full of appeal. The thick pork chop was tender and juicy and the mouth-watering glaze blended perfectly with the real mashed potatoes which, by the way, were the perfect texture. The vegetables were bright and complimented the pork perfectly.

Joe D'Esposito and his Grandfather, Gene CatalanoJoe D'Esposito and his Grandfather, Gene CatalanoJoe’s culinary career started when he was six years old when he used to watch his grandfather, Gene Catalano, also a chef, cook for Spring Lake Country Club. His culinary roots are strong and Joe, originally from New Jersey, has been cooking since his first job at Luigi’s Famous Pizza when he was 16. Completing a 2-year Culinary Training program with Brookdale Community College in New Jersey and working under two mentors, Chefs Mo and Mike at Eagle Oak Country Club positioned him to accept an invitation to move to SW Florida and pursue his dream of working as a chef.

After exploring a couple venues on Marco Island, Joe was ready to accept a position where he would be given the freedom to create, and grow professionally. Joe said he will maintain the existing menu while he creates daily specials. Over time, he will recommend menu changes and incorporate some of his specialties like homemade lasagna, and Seafood Fruit De Mer over pasta.

When asked “Why Cooking?” Joe said, “I love cooking for people and watching them smile. Food brings families and friends together. Food is love!”